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November 29, 2010, Anonymous
United States

I also got Ripped Off by 411.ca

I am a contractor who was stupid enough to give them my credit card.I was paying well over $10130.33 per month in 2007. After 1 year of service I cancelled my service by phone appox.14 attempts and by email. No contract was ever signed, nor was there ever a verbal agreement about 30 days notice and recorded. So even after numerous emails to different people there, I still after giving them 30 days notice by email to 411.ca employees I was still charged again on my credit card.I had to cancel my credit card and change my number.

I never in my life experienced so much lack of professionalism by at least 4-5 different people that got involved in my account. This occured about one year ago. I still have notes,emails,dates of everybody involved @ 411.ca.

I since then have had numerous calls from them trying to sell advertising to me. I also spent some time with one sales rep to make a deal for an Ontario listing. Again Very unprofessional. Try it, enter a free listing yourself, then you will get the calls to upgrade, asking for you credit card. NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD

As soon as they realize theres no money from you, they have no interest in updating your free basic listing correctly. Also check out some paying customers where they allow up to 7 listing in 1 catorgory in 1 city again unprofessional (SPAM).

It was confirmed by me recently that they had a high turn over of sales people after talking to rep there on the phone in 2010, as I mentioned my past experience with them. I wonder why.

I only now write this after reading about the lady in Alberta ,Calgary and her dealings with 411.ca " YES I BELIEVE HER "

And yes they still owe me $1013.33

Here i inclosed some real correspondance.

Dear Becky Lee Regretfully we are hereby notifying you that due to our advertising budget cutbacks we need to suspend our paid advertising with you on a temporary basis. IMMEDIATELY as of November 20, 2007 as our next due date for payment is November 21, 2007. The amount of the account is $1013.33 which is paid by Mastercard account number xxxxxxxxxxxxx Pierre I have spoke to my director and told him of your fustrations as well as my own. Which one of these email do you want me to forward to Becky Lee and Accounting. Regards,
Joanne Wedley

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