3499 dollar messenger Dave McMillan Scam artist. Has you pay up front and doesnt do the job. Los Angeles, California - 3499 dollar messenger

3499 dollar messenger
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November 2, 2010, Anonymous
United States

this guy is lowest of lows. I called 34.99 dollar messenger to serve papers that need to be done in 6 days. He told me he would do it that day. He charged me 99.99 to serve the papers. He sat on them and called me on the last possible day giving himself 8 hours to complete what he had 6 days to do. He knew there were issues with this person and took the job anyway. His website by the way say that he does "same day service". He assured me that he would get it done that day.
On Nov. I called him and he put me on hold and told me he would call me back in 20 -30 minutes. I had to call him back 2 hours later. He told me he tried to serve papers but the apartment number wasn't on there so he couldn't deliver the papers. I included all the details, photos of the person the apartment number, the persons car etc., he told me it didn't matter and that because he at least went once he had the right to charge me.
I explained to him that a process server doesn't just try once and give up. I informed him that his service was 3 times as much than the sheriff's department and he did a lesser job. One cannot claim to be a process server and not be aware of all the job entails. I told him he shouldn't have take the job if he already knew that the apartment number was wrong. He told me he had to cut the conversation short and then hung up the phone. I called back asking to speak with the owner. And he told me it was him and that I was being recorded. He then gave me my options, we will send proof of a deliver attempt to court and that I could refile and he would attempt to deliver again. Already seeing that his lazy approach to the process serving profession I opted no to use his service. He then told me that they don't serve papers until they have to. I'm sorry, but this guy is nothing more than a pizza delivery man. The 2 reviews within a span of a week on citysearch were most likely written by him.
If you would like to hire a courier/messenger/process service, please email me. I have a list of PROFESSIONAL businesses in the greater Los Angeles area that would love to work with you.
I lost 99.99 but I guess it was enough to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. David McMillan is a scammer that runs several messenger services in he Los Angeles area. I would recommend that any party ripped of by this service file a complaint with the BBB and take him to court. I will be filing my small claims against him within the week and using valid Process server.

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