2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Highest level mgmt unethical business practices, bribe taking in order to show preference to certain repair shops. Aurora, - 2-10 Home Buyers

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November 30, 2010, Anonymous
United States

A number of years ago it came to my attention, from someone who worked at this company, that high level management was actively involved in taking bribes from various home appliance repair shops, located outside the State of Colorado, in order to assure said shop(s) of being called first to service the homeowners who had problems with one or more of their appliances and were covered by 2-10 HBW Insurance. This/these shop(s) offered various forms of bribes to this employee to be sure to contact it/them first to do the repairs. Within a matter of several weeks of working at 2-10 HBW, said ethical employee was given the choice of (the then used term was,) 'get in the loop or get out,' by the second in command, employee named Donegal! [His first name is not remembered.] Meaning to go along with, and also become involved with the bribery, and say nothing or be forced out of his job. It seemed obvious to this ethical employee that the highest level of management was fully involved with and knew about as well as likely welcomed and participated in the reception of said bribes. This ethical employee said that he could not and would not go along with any such dishonest and unethical practice. The very worst performing service providers were the very ones suggesting the unethical behavior and the bribery. These service providers had the worst record with clients (the homeowners) for: 1.) Being highly disrespectful to the homeowners; 2.) Leaving awful messes they'd made and didn't clean up; 3.) Not arriving within a reasonable time of the prearranged and mutually agreed upon (by the homeowner and the service provider(s) scheduled time to arrive at the homeowners address to do their work.4.) The quality of workmanship was also seen by the homeowners as poor and 5.) At times the home owners' appliances were replaced with lesser quality goods than the original items (as per telephone reports made to the ethical former employee by various 2-10 HBW policyholders.)
It is believed, by this ethical former employee, that the very top management at 2-10 HBW is, or at least at one time was, fully involved with this, is/was aware of it and chooses/chose to continue to pursue this kind of dishonest as well as unethical behavior.
A fellow named Donegal [at that time 2nd in command, under the then president of 2-10 HBW there in Aurora, CO] was reported for making this choice to the former employee, via answering a question dealing with why he believed he was 'let-go.' This was a question the State of Colorado unemployment agency requested that he provide a written answer as to why he believed he was 'let-go' for 'not doing his job properly' (supposedly.) Donegal was 'let go' not long after the ethical former employees report to the State of Colorados' Unemployment agency. The ethical employee, in order to make it appear as though he was not doing his job properly, was progressively loaded up with more and more tasks such that it became impossible for a single person to handle the work load despite the employees willing arrival earlier and earlier in the day and departure later and later in the day for a number of weeks so as to be able to, or at very least try do a decent job and try to hold onto this job (with no expectation of any additional pay since he was a salaried employee). This ethical employee, prior to his refusal to become involved with the bribery had been given numerous compliments as to how well he was doing his job by upper management, Said former ethical employee was more than qualified to do this job, having had several years of solid work performance as an HVAC designer, project coordinator and technical writer in Southern California.
It is the considered opinion of this former worker that this company 2-10 HBW, or at least its upper management, be held accountable and replaced by honest, decent, reliable and ethical personnel. If this sort of behavior, as described above, is in any way illegal, 2-10 HBW should be charged with said crime(s) and punished for same to the maximum extent of the law, preferably up to and including their business license being revoked or worse.

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