CATEGORY: Unsolicited Phone Calls

Phishing Phone Calls, Unauthorized access to a mailbox - Gail Ulferts & David Richardson Louisville, Kentucky

May 23, 2015, record_track

Gail Ulferts ex wife of Basil Doerhoefer. Up to her old tricks. Harassing phone calls once more. Recording the call, & with one other party on the line. Former nephew David T Richardson caught with his hands in Basil & Michael's worker (Bill's) mailbox. If you two idiots don't stop, your going to end up broke. Gail, your Sister-in-law Nancy M. always said you were sleeping with her husband Herb Richardson, all those years you were married to Basil Doerhoefer 111. Cousin Susan S. Says the said the same about you. You are sneaky, and untrustworthy. Get lost.

Filled under: Unsolicited Phone Calls, Location: United States