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Outlandish Charges to Credit Card - JWR Exotic Bird Air Systems

July 27, 2014, sumpf32

Ordered one of these systems. It was sent and credit card charged almost twice what price he talked about. He was very deceptive on the phone. I will never by anything from this person again. I have been able to recreate filter from items I found at a good local hardware store. I do not believe his claims about filters and have retained a couple of originals for lab analysis. Never ever buy this system and never let him near your credit card. Also he did not send an invoice with purchase. I have never had that happen before.

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forceful deduction from mobile 10 SAR every week - private

January 2, 2013, Anonymous

Sir,kindly stop the service from 802602 that costs 10SAR every Sunday.I'm really cell number is0509800453.i send several times sms u1 to u8 to miss802602 but all in vain

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