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Tele Win Marketing Complaint – Fraud In Product - Tele Win Marketing Complaint – Fraud In Product

June 20, 2015, nilaysheth

Hi, I register the order on behalf of the call from Tele Win Marketing, The offer is they are providing me the Micromax mobile which is of Cost 3500/- and whose actual price in the market is approx 7000-8000. Once i got the parcel from post office, I opened it in the Post office infront of post employee, i found there one hanuman chalisa yantra in the box instead of the mobile. I did the call to the number from where i register or approve the call and at that time it was switch off.

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FundraisingDONOTCALLviolation - Association for Union Democracy (Miriam Lazewatsky)

December 1, 2014, stfuMiriamLazewatsky

I send a small donation to the Association for Union Democracy, thinking I'm doing the right thing. Well, you know what they say about good deeds going punished... Before I knew it, I was getting called over and over by these guys, begging for more money. I tried to be patient and explain that I'm on the DONOTCALL registry. Finally, I ask to talk to a supervisor. They transfer me to some clerk named Miriam Lazewatsky (I think I got the name right; she was chewing like a cow on something on the phone...hard to hear her over the...

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Scam Artists - Elliott Management, LLC

July 17, 2014, BernieG

They do it out of Silver Spring, Md. The primary bastard is: David Alfonso Washington, aka Harry Dolan, Harrison Dolan, Harrison Paul Dolan (not to be confused with the real one in VA who is an innocent man), aka, Harry Bruce He started on as BEACHMANINLOVE, he is a 419 Scam Artist, posed as General Colines Smith, he has 90 identities, he took $250,000.00 dollars from me in a gold scam. I want to post his picture, but this space won't let me.

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Rogers outrank seo and ppc Telemarketing scam - Rogers outrank

March 20, 2014, sean

Every week I get call for SEOs. The foreigners SEO telemarketing mainly are from 29 prime and soft spoken ones are from Rogers outrank Over promised and under delivered, These companies prey and target small businesses. Rogers outrank is what one could do on her/his own with adwords Google, and does not have to pay Rogers premium price to do it. I paid $530 for SEO per month, for what I have done myself before with adwords and I thought Rogers will...

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