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Child Abuse - Bo Kelleher Of Ladera Ranch California

June 15, 2016, Stephane

Bo Kelleher came into my family home and had sex with my wife with my two younger kids in the home while I was married to my X he is a STALKER

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Voodoo spells don't work - Mambo Sandy, Angelique Deleon, Sandy Deleon

July 3, 2015, Yari Delva

I contacted Mambo Sandy after I saw her Youtube video. I paid for a consultation and love spell. The love spell did not work. Mambo Sandy will not return my phone calls or contact me in any way. Mambo Sandy is as fake as her website and all the testimonies in it.

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He suggested I have an anger problem! - Andrew Sexton

February 21, 2013, harlem1

I contacted this guy because he's helped several friends with their relationship problems. I think my problem is as easy as they come. I fight with my boyfriend all the time and he keeps leaving me because he thinks I'm "mean". I've gotten him to come back with Andrew's help 5 times so far. Now all of the sudden he's suggesting that I have an anger problem! I don't pay for him to tell me what's wrong with me. Just bring my man back and make sure he comes back the way I want him so I don't have to get so pissed off all the time!

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