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Philadelphia Trans Dominatrix Mistress Tissa gave me an STI & ruined my life - Mistress Tissa

March 21, 2017, RippedOffAndSick

I've been doing BDSM sessions for over twenty years but I did have to take a two year break due to family issues.I was very excited to see this new Dominatrix in Philadelphia. The first big flag (should ran then) was when I contacted her on her website the only way to get a session was to PAY for the phone call to set up the session through Niteflirt.  I should've passed right then as that seems a bit over the top for screening but she was nice on the phone and also promised that one of my kinks would be the best and most realistic I...

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Laura Castillo aka Laura Stein particpated - Circle S Ranch Leo and Ella Stein

March 30, 2016, Protect the Children

The Circle S Ranch was shut down in September, 1978 by the State of Arizona and the Arizona State Attorney General. The records are in the public domain as part of several cases in Maricopa County Arizona's Superior Court. The Stein Family, Leo Stein, Ella Stein, Laura Stein aka Laura Castillo were child abusers, batterers and sexual predators.

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Michael P. Rubin Corrupt Attorney and Child Predator - Michael Rubin

January 21, 2015, yuorey

We had the worst experience with this monster who calls himself an attorney. He charged us massive amounts of money, officially came on board as our lawyer and then, afterwards, began verbally assaulting us and slandering us to the other side. He has no boundaries and no limits. He has no self control. He lies and lies and lies. He is the most dishonest and vicious person you'll ever come across. Even other attorneys have documented, in court proceedings, that he has a major mental problem. Dangerous and scarey. Unprofessional and...

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Violet Razbania is a Molester - Violet Razbannia

January 15, 2015, mark

WARNING: Jasmine Violet Raz aka Violet Razbannia is a dangerous sociopath, a fraud, and the worse person that anyone can ever associate with. She is approximately 61 years old. She currently lives in Northridge, California at: 17811 Devonshire (Unit 2) in Northridge, California. She is the former wife of Essy Arasheben. She has abused her daughter, delivered her daughter (when her daughter was only 12 years old and a naive virgin, who id not know the definition of a kiss) to her then 35 year old boyfriend (Richard Ralston of Oregon), a...

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Bisexual Prostitute Sarah Megan Grodsky with HPV and other STDs will f#ck anyone for money!!!!! - Sarah Megan Grodsky (DoB 08/29/1986) of 1324 Lambert Cir.; Lafayette, CO 80026 (Sabriel Elizabeth Flauta, Kimiko Raelynn Flauta)

August 11, 2013, sarajek

Please watch out for this slut and prostitute named Sarah Grodsky also goes by the following names: Sarah Megan Grodsky Sarah Megan Flauta Sarah Ari Flauta Maiden Name: Sarah Megan Grodsky DoB: 08/29/1986 1324 Lambert Circle Lafayette, CO 80026 Cell: (720) 232-4300 Email:; Sarah's Father: Allen Ray Grodsky (1955) 1324 Lambert Circle Lafayette, CO 80026 Email: Sarah's Mother: Tracy Lynn Grodsky-Dunn (1961) 2202 Tamarron...

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BEWARE!!!! George Flauta - CHILD MOLESTER!!!! - George Flauta (DoB 08/05/1982) of 1324 Lambert Cir.; Lafayette, CO 80026

June 15, 2013, Child Molestation Services

George Flauta, Sarah Grodsky, Sabriel Flauta, Kimiko Flauta Social Security Numbers, Date of Births, etc. are listed online. Also, others involved including: Tracy Lynn Grodsky-Dunn, Allen Ray Grodsky, Holly Grodsky, Jenny Archer, Kelsey Root, Clair Flauta, etc. Do not trust George Henry Flauta! He is a scammer and thief, has stolen thousands of dollars from people using two girls named Sabriel Elizabeth Flauta and Kimiko Raelynn Flauta. Has BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER!!! PSYCHOLOGICALLY & MENTALLY...

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Prostitute with STDs - George Henry Flauta, III living w/ Allen Ray Grodsky at 1324 Lambert Cir.; Lafayette, CO 80026

April 21, 2013, PimpReport

George Henry Flauta, III DoB Aug 05, 1982 1324 Lambert Cir. Lafayette, CO 80026 720-254-3195 George.Flauta@Colorado.EDU Prostitute with STDs, has stolen thousands of dollars through fraud and identity theft, make him return the money!!!!! Has a dating profile under the name GEOHEN Children (two little girls): Sabriel Elizabeth Flauta (DoB Jan 26, 2006) Kimiko Raelynn Flauta (DoB Jan 20, 2009) Please do whatever you can to them to get them to return the stolen money!!!! ...

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