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Elysa D'Alberto - Perla Group's Telecom Division, Coburg Australia

March 1, 2018, AnnPrice7

We ordered 4 Ku-band VSAT systems (Intellian v60G VSAT System - 60cm Reflector) from Elysa D’Alberto who heads Perla Group International’s Telecom Division out of Coburg Australia. Elysa D’Alberto took our down payment of $47,893 (USD) and never delivered. We asked for a refund of our deposit and she refused. Elysa D’Alberto said that the company (Perla Group) is having “cash-flow problems” and she cannot return our $47K+. She told me to contact Perla Group’s CEO, a Charles D’Alberto. She would only give me his email, no phone...

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Professional scammer with long history - Brian/Bryan Merkle/Markel a.k.a. Alex Markle a.k.a Alexander Markle a.k.a Matthew Markle.

March 21, 2017, J. Law

He walks around as a pastor of the Church of Divine Freedom (internet degree) along with his collection of rings and his overinflated ego. This man is a professional scammer with a long history of taking advantage of people. He is a criminal. He does not take care of the vulnerable, he takes advantage of them. He was working as the “owner” of the Ottawa Freedom Centre in Vanier although his name is not anywhere on record. He has taken my retired parent (a volunteer founding member at the centre) for over $8000.00 (close to...

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Granger Whitelaw is a con man - Granger Whitelaw

January 13, 2016, Grangerdanger

He sends your invested monies to his Cayman and Swiss accounts and then poof your investment disappears. He takes the investment and pays for all his personal expenses, his car, his home rent, his power bill, everything and then his bevy of granger babes all blonde and looking to get the big score He hides behind his church and gets investor dollars from the bible study Moke usa, socialmedia1234, reputation all the same just a way to line his pocket and hide from his huge debts to the Irs Beware and be warned

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Ripoff Report. Com Are Real Crocks And Black Mail Hard working People! - Ripoff Report.Com Black Mailing Terry L Sanders

August 25, 2015, InvestigationDepartment

Anyone can go on their site and post whatever they want about anyone and with one of my Clients Named Terry L Sanders A country Music Recording Artist this happen to him! He made several attempts to get the false information removed from ripoff and a guy called him from the main office and told him for a fee of $20,000.00 they would fix his problems! On top of that google made ripoff a hosting site so the negative information is always going to be on the first page of any google search. People do not believe...

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Scam Company. - AllStar Sports Funding

April 23, 2015, masguy

I am a high school athletic director and in charge of raising funds for my high school athletic department and individual sports teams. I was contacted by Alan Morell on several occasions regarding sponsorship posters and how All Star Sports Funding could assist with raising money through their schedule posters and would pay me thousands of dollars to our school. s Alan is a very smooth talker and assured me that we would earn THOUSANDS of dollars each season and that All Star Sports Funding has a team of seasoned and professional...

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Wastehill Consulting and Employment - Westhill Consulting and Employment

October 26, 2013, thomlarry685

I don’t even know how to start this. I had a very traumatic experience, it was a misfortune dealing with Westhill Consulting and Employment. I have never received any kind of support or follow-through for any application. And here is the deal, this has happened many times already, I tried calling their office for support and follow-ups but I get nothing but arrogance from their contemptuous staff. Their posts are disorganized. The website is very hard to use and rumbled, I can’t seem to find where the job openings are, where to post...

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Unprofessional and rude - Write Chicks

June 25, 2013, georgefunnyc

What a terrible, awful business! I have been working in academia for several years now and now and then I look for a good proof-reading editing service. I came across (great name right?- NOT!) and emailed them regarding their services. That's when the nightmare began. So unprofessional! First on their website they charge $2.50 a page which is total, absolute nonsense. I have a PhD and I had a very good proof-reader/editor who only charged me $1 a page which is very professional and...

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March 11, 2013, mahos

SCAM - shill - criminal - do a background check on Kim before you even think about hiring him. The only thing this guy is skilled at is scamming you out of your money & writing his own 5 star reviews. Check it out & BEWARE! /SKIP LINK/ /SKIP LINK/

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