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FRAUD - THEFT - MIS USE OF INVESTOR MONEY - Vivid Lifestyle Concepts

February 8, 2014, laker

Ed Leclere is A FRAUD. DO NOT TRUST HIM in any dealings as he has ruined countless lives and left vendors, employees, and investors holding the bag. His latest "deal" is restaurant or promotional B.S. Best we can figure, his modus operandi is to hype a deal in any number of industries from restaurants to technology. When he gets investors to put in money, he takes whatever he wants as "expenses and salary" for he and his buddies and the deals eventually evaporate and he moves on to his next deal and next victims. He'll...

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Overcharged - Gertrude

January 20, 2013, Shorai

On the 31 December 2012 I bought some potato chips and drinks, which cost £16.20 but only found out that I paid £116.20 when my bank statement came. I contacted the owner of the cafe but she keep telling me she is waiting for bank to take a look at her account. Now just wondering on what to do. Any advice is welcome.

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