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Ingrid Mahogany,social service complaint,unprofessional and poor service to clients - Ingrid Mahogany,unprofessional social service provider

September 15, 2018, AndrewComplaints

My name is Andrew Mcdougal, I am writing to you regarding My experience at a transitional home called Federal City Recovery located in SE Washington D.C, under the support of Ms. Ingrid Mahogany The purpose of the housing program is to provide temporary (6 months) housing to displaced and homeless persons that are working and can save money into an escrow account, I moved into the housing program at FCR in August 2016 at resident 2606 Bowen Road S.E Wash DC, I started paying into my escrow every 2 weeks, I work part-time at...

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Buyer Beware - Swiss Wrist

March 12, 2018, Sheona

I bought my daughter a Rolex watch from Swiss Wrist. I bought this watch about 6 months ago. Within 30 days out of the box the watch stopped working. Since than I have returned the watch on three different occasions with three different problems. Each time they return the watch back to me and still more issues.Now Im at the 4th time with a problem and at the end of my patience. I'am generally very easy going and appreciate average service. Its been nothing but a nightmare and I don't wish this on anyone. BUYER BEWARE!!

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Scam - Sweet Paula's Pods

February 1, 2018, AntSant

Paula strikes again, she got me for $60 but I wasn't successful for my first order. She says COD dosnt work because that would require her to actually send it before getting paid. She must have intended to rip me off from the get go. Interestingly I checked the status of my credit card and it gave a phone number for the merchant which I promptly called, a women answered. As soon as I started to explain the scenario she insisted on cutting me of saying "it's not my business, it's not my business". It took several...

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August 6, 2016, ptlabchem

Welcome to Pt Lab Chemistry. Pt Lab Chemical LAB is a private chemical trade company. We provide the best solutions of cleaning Anti breeze and defaced bank notes. We have no upfront fees, we work with commission. We also provide all chemicals need, anywhere in the world we can sent a Technician to do the job. We are located in Johannesburg, South Africa Email:

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Customer Services - Howard Johnson Chengdu Hi-Tech

January 19, 2015, David Vincent

I have been staying at HJ Chengdu Hi-Tech Plaza off and on for the last 2 years and the service was always good. There were always little perks like fruit in my room and special treatment. But my current stay has been disastrous . It all started with no concierge to help me with my two heavy bags. I had to carry them into the front desk by myself. Then I had issues with my AMEX card not been accepted even though I have been using it here for years. I called up my AMEX card company on my expensive (I paid for long distance on my cell) they...

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Christy Gagnon - Christy Gagnon

December 28, 2014, nou nou

was supposed to be a photographer at an event and called a couple of hours before the event and said that she was not coming and that she would take pictures another day. well the event is not another day so I don't want her pictures. check out her reviews on facebook, they are awful. people like her friends and family say she she is great and customers say she is awful. I know who I am believing. the name of her photography pretend business is believe in you. I don't even know what that means, but that's what she calls herself.whatever.

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Believe in You Photography or Christy Gagnon Believe in You Photography - Christy Gagnon

December 28, 2014, Maria

Her pictures suck. There is really no nice way to say it. They do. She is unprofessional and lacks the skill level to qualify as a "professional photographer." The way she interacted with us during our photo shoot was bizarre. She does not know how to talk to people or give direction and does not respond well if the ideas that she has are not what the customer has in mind. She promises to provide disks of images and you have to chase her with texts and facebook messages and she never answers her phone and then you get the disk...

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Ripped off $280! - /

May 29, 2013, morgan0

Online private tobacco club. Ordered a few times, but this time they lost their shipper and now say their new shipper doesn't deliver to my zipcode. Won't refund my money. Get a runaround from any associated email or message board and so-called sponsor, Capt. Jack. My money still shows in my account, but can't be accessed. I have read others in my situation are blocked from entering site now altogether! Co. associated with a Panama address & a Nebraska address. I'm so poor, just looking for an affordable cigarette. Now just poorer...and stupid to boot! Stay away from them!

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Polux Fleuriste - Polux Fleuriste

May 1, 2013, inconc

This hokey market stall is always a dirty mess, and it is impossible to move around in it because the owner is so fat. She is obese and takes up all the room with her fat ass. And she smells like a tramp who just had sex with bad eggs. This place is dirty.

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Oak Hill Enteprises - Jon Unruh - HORRIBLE - Oak Hill Enteprises

April 2, 2013, orion1123

AVOID THIS BUSINESS!! Jon Unruh is HORRIBLE to deal with, I will NEVER purchase anything from Oak Hill again!!! I paid $15 to have an item shipped to me. When the mailman delivered it, he said the postage paid was $5.86 SHORT, so I had to pay $5.86 or send it back, I figured I would pay it and get reimbursed (I figured it would be no problem). Jon ONLY used $5.44 (of my $15 shipping fee) to ship my item. I told Jon what had happened and he WOULD NOT reimburse me the $5.86 that I had to...

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Liars, worst customer service experience - CyberPowerPC or CyberPower Inc

February 28, 2013, charleeandbilly

I purchased a desktop from them in February of 2013, when it arrived the insides were dent there was physical damage and when booted on the computer blue screened. I tried troubleshooting and even asked customer support for help, nothing worked. The computer froze constantly for no reason. The motherboard had errors dating back to 2011, which tells me they sent me something they knew was broken. The wireless card was also faulty. Now I am asking for a refund and they are asking me to pay shipping and handling to send it back and also are not...

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February 25, 2013, Siberian

Hello everybody. I want to warn you about "buying" cigarettes from They represent themselves as korean online shop, selling korean-made duty free cigs with free shipping. I emailed them several times before ordering with different questions to and sent messages through web-form on their site. I didn't receive any answer, but their site looked legit and I decided to make an order. I have made an order there in 15:35(GMT+9 - korean time) 22 February 2013 on 34.70$. I have ordered a carton...

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Good service & trust worthy webasite - Cheers to Transtutors

January 22, 2013, emilymoore123

Thanx a tonne to the online classes of They have been very helpful throughout my last sem. The outstanding tutors provide such informative n interactive classes that I never had to worry about my studies. Managing a job and studies together was made easy for me by! Cheers to them!!!!

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transtutors complaints - transtutors assignment help

January 10, 2013, elizabethwilson

"I had to get my Organic Chemistry assignment (trust me the’re dangerous) finished…n I had just a day left for that big task..I chanced upon this site while I was just googling my subject. I randomly posted the question without expecting much, but I was desperate to get my work I paid the nominal amount and to my relief, I received the assignment the same day n transtutors saved my grades :)"

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