February 21, 2018, NetNettie

I had purchased Tom Jones tickets for the Masonic in San Francisco for September 26, 2017, which was postponed until May 29, 2018. Eight months of postponement is unreasonable! This postponement won’t work for me due to the follow reasons: • My husband and I had planned to take my mother in law who is 86. She was well in September but is declining in health due to her age. • I cannot go in May due to the busy time of my work which doesn’t offer flexibility When I contacted customer service I was told that there are no refunds on...

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Drunk Domme in Philadelphia - Mistress Skyler Grey - Mistress Syler Grey / Cynthia

February 10, 2018, kinkman

Went to see Mistress Skyler what a bad session! At the run down dump that is Destinys Chambers Shes not attractive at all. Very unattractive face and body. Fat and not pretty at all. I came in and she reeked of wisky and had real bad body odor. She was so drunk she couldnt walk in her high heels! She started wailing on me and I kept yelling at her my safeword to stop and she refused! Then she tied me up and took pictures of me and blackmailed me. I had to give her 500 or she was going to send the pix to my wife and employer. Then...

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Drunk Domme in Philadelphia - Domina Lexx Envy

January 21, 2018, 3nvy

I have been dying to see a Mistress for years. I am a young broke college student and saved up my money for my first femdom experience. I went to the Northeast to a dilapidated house in NE. Domina Lexx Envy does not look like her photos. After looking back at her website, I noticed her front page is not her but some model mayhem photo she stole pretending its her. She is not stunning at all. I had already sent $100 deposit and was h*rny so just paid the rest and went along with it. She calls herself muscular and fit in her ads. She...

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December 2, 2017, JoJo

BEWARE OF THIS DANGEROUS “MAN”!!! Maverick Mann, Maverick Marsalis, Maverick Marsellis, D Kelly Marsellis, Derek Andri Kelly, Derek Kelli-Marsalis and on & on & on. Every word out his mouth is a lie. He has a prison record. He’s a brutal cruel and calculating PIMP for real. He is “on a mission from G-d” but trust what I tell you: He is the evil one’s right hand man. He has at least 10 aliases to try to outrun his past/present illegal practices. He’s managed to skate past authorities because US law enforcement has no...

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Fraud - Hernando County Solar - ANTHONY PRALL

July 2, 2016, swillis

Hernando County Solar and Anthony Prall is a complete FRAUD so BEWARE. He is NOT LICENSED or INSURED, call the Hernando County Permitting Dept. to confirm at 352-754-4050. Just google the name Anthony Prall and Ripoff Report and you'll find many consumers ripped off by him with several different products. BEWARE- DON'T CALL HIM. You'll be sorry you did!

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Vania Damerjian: Dangerous Woman Posing as Counselor - Vania Damerjian

September 1, 2015, Community

Beware of an Armenian female by the name of Vania Damerjian. She provides so-called counseling to children and adults, but is extremely dangerous. Vania Damerjian is a sociopath with many emotional and mental problems of her own. She also has several sever problems such as psycopathy and other mental diseases that make her very extremely dangerous to children and her other patients. She has rage issues and is very unstable and prone to violent outbursts at any time, without warning. Vania Damerjian resides in Los Angeles County in...

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Fake Scam Phone Calls from county - Grey Financial

May 18, 2015, aortiz

Caller's Name is Ms. Tanner and Mr. Eldridge located in Bastrop, Texas and also on Chicago, ILLINOIS Telephone Number: 512-308-3688 and Telephone Number: 312-637-1814 and Telephone Number: 312-637-0360 and she says that, she is calling from the county. This a a Scam Caller or Debt Collector

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February 12, 2015, sadera

Chris Morgis has no money to pay for heat for our apartment!!! We paid him rent He has no money and we get punish He is S C A M

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Svetlana Aleksandrovna Osipova, Saratov, Russian Scammer Extorts 10 000 USDs - Svetlana Aleksandrovna Osipova

July 23, 2014, Hidden

I really wish I did a search on this girl, as reports are written about her all over the internet. Her name is Svetlana Osipova, and she is from Russia, in a city called Saratov. I met this girl from an online dating website, and flew over to Saratov to meet up with her from San Francisco. I initially was about to book a hotel for myself online, but she insisted that she could get a cheaper place for me in Saratov as she had connections. I intended to stay for 8 days. She said all up the apartment she got for me would cost 500 USD...

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Life Coach that Rips People OFF! - Pam Miranda

May 11, 2014, HappyFace12

Watch out for Pam Miranda and her bait and switch business practices. Her advertisement said she was a “Life Coach” but when I arrived at her office she said “Psychic Reader???” When I arrived at her office she immediately started to read my palm and said something very bad was going to happen to me in the future. She demanded $2,000.00 in cash, small bills, multiple denominations for specific details. When I refused and headed for the door she tried to scare me with more omens, yelling, and trying to block my path to the exit. I don’t...

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Back ground checl - Henderson Group Gonzales Mines and Minerals Division

March 19, 2014, alexseeto

Dear Scam stop, my name is Alex Seeto. I operate as a intermediary/ trader in the commodities industry. Recently I came across a gentleman from Mexico from the professional networking website called LinkedIn His name is Moises Alejandro Baella. Before continuing dialogue with Moises, I would like to find out if himself or his company is a scam. Thank you for your assistance, Alex Seeto

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Publishes false complaints and reviews online. - Taylor Cloys Ward

November 6, 2013, bella

Publishes false complaints and reviews online. Taylor Cloys Ward Tay Ward TC Done W and many many more aliases Google his name and he has served time in prison, worked with an organization that stole credit card information from tourists and wrote bad checks. I think he was a witness for the prosecution and was immune to prosecution in the taking down of that fraudulent organization. He then tried to start another organization using the same name abbreviated. He is bashing a local babysitting service that he has never used. He...

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Fraud - Scam - Delinquent - Defaulted - Attivos Magisttrais Indústria e Comércio - Phramacopeia Com. Exp. e Impl Ltda - Attivos Magistrais Indústria e Comércio. Ltda

September 6, 2013, summit

Attivos Magistrais Indústria e Comércio. Ltda. (“Attivos”), a Brazilian company based in Goiás, has defaulted on the sale of materials by Summit and that the amount due and owing under said shipment is $12,000.00 U.S. dollars. Summit has made a demand for such payment, however Attivos has not responded. It is recommended that corporations worldwide be aware of the delinquent and fraudulent actions of Attivos Magistrais Indústria e Comércio. Ltda. September 4, 2013 United States Consulate Rua Henri Dunant, 500, Chácara Santo...

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lost laptop and claim denied - blue island post office

January 17, 2013, thornyyrose

I brought my laptop to blue island post office in flatrate box to mail out for repair under warrenty. This was on sept 27 was returned to me on oct 4 2012 for more postage on flaterate box. I took it back to blue island post office on oct 5 2012... question why i had to pay extra on flate rate box...they couldnt answwer just said i had to pay if i wanted to mail it. I paid the extra money an left it in thei care to remail. I checked status to find it never reached its destination. Followed waiting period protocol...etc...filed claim...

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Issued KESC RGB Bill(A/c#1813501710010) - Islamia Secondary School-5/E

January 7, 2013, muhammad furqan

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I have send many mails to billing dept. but no body want to listen my problem, By mailing my first Complain #1340005 02/01/2013 and by hand given application#0185. RGB Bill wrong issued because did not come any person at home or made survey and did not receive any notice by depart. Actual >current bill = 752.51 Wrong added arrears = 8297.98 Total Received Bill = 9050/- Due Date:11-01-2013 Best Regards Muhammad Furqan 03448093403 Consumer #AL412247 A/c#1813501710010

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