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Becca Husselbee is a hateful racist. - Caters News Agency

June 26, 2018, DefendingVictimsOfRacism

Becca Husselbee an employee at Caters News Agency is racist Muslims. Cowardly racist Becca Husselbee has tried to conceal her racism but it is exposed in the Tweets underneath. Becca Husselbee is a racist. Also Husselbee's father Steve Husselbee who resides in Kingswinford in the UK supports racist group Britain First.

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He Riped Me Off - Bushey's Firewood Services

May 31, 2016, jhlb37

He came to my land to cut trees. Then he split without paying me. I lost 1000.00 I called the cops without a contract I have no leg to stand on

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