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Chipped Dresser - Arizona Discount Movers

October 27, 2014, Rich

Workers put a huge chip in the leg of my dresser and after putting a claim in and waiting 6 weeks I called and asked what was going on with the claim. I got a call back from Jay and he left an vmail that said please call back so we can close the claim. I did not get a chance to call back that day because I was at work late and I received a check in the mail the next day for $54. Not a good way to do business. This was my third move with them and the previous moves were great. I would not use this company again if I had to move again.

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Scam - Triple 7 movers/Shaul marketing inc.

May 1, 2013, Lisa Freira

These people or thugs, liars, they abuse elderly people, They use threats and scare tactics to get your property into their truck on moving day only to triple your original estimate, I guess thats where the triple 7 comes in. Their practices are illegal and once informed refuse to adhere to Federal laws that are in place to protect consumers. If you do run into a problem with them please contact Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration at 1-888-DOT-SAFT, especially if it's a hostage situation like mine was.

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Excellent Service - AAA Careful Moving & Storage

February 24, 2013, sonja.johnston905

Doing business with you was very memorable because of your great quality service that you extended to me. You deserve to be paid more of your service that you have done with me last Wednesday. I was amazed with your movers because they are all professionals the way they lifted and packed my belongings. My bed doesn't have even one scratch and all furniture was safe as I checked it after the move. I never experienced this kind of service with my last moving company but only on you. Next time I move I would do business with you again. ...

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