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Susan B. Henner a Disgusting Lawyer Refused to Help Me Unless I Gave Her Sex - Susan B. Henner

August 17, 2016, albana ivezaj

Susan Henner, Attorney at Law Worst Immigration Lawyer, Dumbest Immigration Attorney, Most Unethical Attorney, Sexual Harasser of Clients White Plains, New York Posted on Wednesday, July 20, 2011 Reported by: Albana Ivezaj - Harrison, New York USA I came to see Susan Henner late last year because I was out of status and was the victim of a white female smuggling ring that kidnapped me and forced me to come from the former Yugoslavia to France and then to New York where I have been forced to work in sex clubs and...

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Fraud, Fraud, Read All About It On - David T Richardson, Gail Ulferts, Mary Parr New York, Ny. Sarah Dellolio, Mary Gail Parr

April 14, 2016, lawoffice

1 year ago by 2sidestoeverystory I know the whole story . The kids started trouble making way back. say 1996.. as far back as when the trashy "International carpet tile woman" (the one that looks like Lily Munster on crack) ...from the Valley L.A. Ca., swooned in on the father used him up, and moved on. Then the father meets a guy 29 years his jr. Wallah! The kids get crazy, jealous, & even crazier after the dad buys a house. 4 greed monger kids & their greed monger white trash spouses giving their father a hard way...

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Stay Away from These Frauds: Needham, Mitnick & Pollack - Needham, Mitnick & Pollack

July 30, 2015, ricfurlo_9

The Fairfax County Virginia Commissioner of Accounts has filed a lawsuit on behalf of 7 wards against the Falls Church Virginia law firm of Needham, Mitnick & Pollack (NMP). This lawsuit accuses NMP of rampant over billing their helpless elderly wards by over $200,000. NMP Attorneys Helen Cohn Needham, Judith Mitnick & Susan Pollack use predatory billing practices and give inhumane treatment to their wards. They should be disbarred and put in jail. It seems the only `abuse of the elderly’ laws these attorneys care about are...

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Attorney Walter Wabby, of The Law Offices of Walter J. Wabby, is a CROOK - Attorney Walter Wabby

July 20, 2015, bill

Attorney Walter Wabby is a Horribly dishonest and crooked attorney. All of the so-called good reviews here are all fake and written by Walter Wabby. Attorney Walter Wabby, of The Law Offices of Walter j. Wabby, is terribly unskilled and dishonest. He is heavily into drugs and gambling, so he loses all of his cases, because he does not do any work. He is really dishonest and lazy and always makes false promises. Do NOT hire him for any reason. There are many other very good attorneys available. Just go to google and you will find many other great and honest attorneys.

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This Man is a Fraud - Attorney James M. Levy - Attorney James M. Levy

June 26, 2015, raib.dar

Attorney James Levy, Destin, Florida Steals from Clients and delivers no service. James M. Levy, Florida Bar Number 177237 is one of the single worst attorneys I have ever dealt with. He triple bills his time, doing outrageous things like taking two hours to send a 2 sentence email. Furthermore he is a liar and has the worst follow through and work ethic. I honestly don't know how this guy accomplishes a single thing. It seems to be difficult for James Levy to return a simple phone call even with the understanding that I am paying for...

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Don't Take Service From James M. Levy - He is Fraud - Attorney James M. Levy

June 24, 2015,

I hired Attorney James M. Levy from Florida with Bar Number 177237 His website address is : and he met with me and my mother ONCE in person for any type of in-depth consultation. Attorney James M. Levy stated on multiple occasions that he was going to file a motion for my divorce and custody and NEVER did. He then neglected to contact me after I paid him a retainer of $3, 750 and then he decided not to file the default altogether! When you are fighting for your child- and you are told things are almost...

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Joe Biden's VAWA Law Is Just A Mechanism Of Social Control - VAWA - Violence Against Womens Act

September 10, 2014, Boris Yelnick

Just like every other federal law that makes one class of people superior than another class of people because they have "special protected status," Joe Biden's VAWA law allows con-artist, lesbian, feminazi, organized crime, terrorist criminal females to rob innocent men blind of their homes, money, wealth, hard work, children, and very freedom, based merely upon a comment or statement to a cop. There does not have to be any evidence. And if there is no evidence, these women are allowed to go back with police assistance, and...

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Yaniv Lavy, Esq. - Yaniv Lavy of Feiner & Lavy PC aka ""

June 5, 2014, Alex Berd

Yaniv Lavy is the quintessential Israeli Jewish scumbag in that he got a job in Immigration Law by begging a seasoned older Immigration Lawyer named Michael Feiner, and then he took over Michael Feiner’s successful and prosperous law practice after he died soon thereafter. Unfortunately under the supervision and watch of Yaniv Lavy, Michael Feiner’s once good law firm quickly went down the drain to shit, and Yaniv Lavy began to steal and rob and leech off of his predominantly Israeli clients, until there was nothing left to practice...

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Why Does Joey Jackson Defense Attorney Who Is a Negro Talk Like He's Jewish? - Joey Jackson Defense Attorney

May 13, 2014, Donald Sterling's Dad

What I want to know, and I believe what everyone wants to know when they watch this big mouth Negro Defense Attorney Joey Jackson on CNN, is why does he talk with an exaggerated and irritatingly loud fake Jewish accent? Does he realize that he sounds like a huge fucking asshole? Who would hire this bad-breath faggot? Someone kick him in the balls please as he annoys the fucking shit out of me. Thanks.

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Michael Wildes, Esq. - Wildes & Weinberg law firm

April 7, 2014, PedroRodriguez

Wildes & Weinberg is the worst immigration law firm in New York City, and possibly the United States. Their only claim to fame was that back in 1976 Leon Wildes who is the current owner Michael Wilde’s daddy, briefly talked to TV about John Lennon’ case. Since then they have milked this fact and they trumpet this crap wildly because that’s their only brush with greatness. Other than that this law firm is the most disorganized, overpriced, overhyped, and overcharging immigration law firm in America, and their staff are all stupid retard...

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October 14, 2013, bellababy

This man has robbed so many ppl to support his crack habit!!! He gets high for days with the money he robbs from u!!! He needs to pay!!!! How has he not!!!! He is a theif so he can spend all that money on drugs n I mean all!! What is wrong with his mmother? ?? And sister to defend him he needs to pay!!!!!! He is a crimal robbing familys!!!! No different than home invasions or steeling from a store!!!! I really hope...

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Teresa Violet Arasheben an Outstanding Volunteer - Teresa Violet Arasheben

July 1, 2013, Charity For Shelters

Teresa Violet Arasheben has a genuinely kind heart. She has donated numerous hours of pro bono work to help people in homeless shelters and to put together packages for their holidays.

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Delavari Immigration Services is a Fraud - Ramin Delavari Immigration Services

May 13, 2013, elahe1982asia

I am writing to confirm that Delavari Immigration Services is a BIG rip off. Mr. Delavari makes claims that are false. I have personal knowledge of his work and dealings with clients and have seen how he makes promises that he does not keep. For example, he signs contracts for various types of Visas such as student visa or investment visa; both of which are difficult to get unless you are an attorney which Delavari is not. After getting the money, he changes the contract to a "tourist visa" only. The client paid the money (more...

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automated phone calling about being sued - HSBC Metris Credit Card

February 21, 2013, debor

my family member received a automated phone call saying she was being sued and had 24 hours to respond. I called and was told it was concerning a credit card balance from 2002 of 2000.00 + and the lawyer could call. She never had that credit card and has never been contacted about a balance. They said she would be served papers after 24 hours. This was the second call and hasn't been served papers yet.

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