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April 11, 2019, dragonqueeen

• LLOYD AGENCIES is a prime example of a PYRAMID SCHEME. • INTERVIEW – they recruit everybody and anybody regardless of your experience because the turn-over is so high and then charge you for a “temporary license”. What a SCAM!! • LEADS - Then they scam all of the leads from the lower level agents and upper managements reaps the rewards. PYRAMID. • MANAGEMENT is trained (instructed) to motivate (intimidate) the agents (slaves) to obtain (scam) new leads but its all commission based and then they find a way to steal it from you...

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Disgusting Work Environment - Gubagoo Inc - Daytona Beach, Florida

November 23, 2018, Yakub888

Gubagoo, Inc. in Daytona Beach, Florida is a call center that services car dealerships around the USA. They are run by a maniac named Brad Title who drinks and does cocaine in the office, he usually garnishes his own employees wages in order to do this. The work environment is filthy in both actual cleanliness and demeanor. Female employees are forced to share their bathrooms with men who "identify" as women, and employees often cheat on each other with each other. There's a girl in office who cheated on her husband with...

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Robs Dead Fathers Estate Blind - Tony Fehrenbacher

February 21, 2017, Dick

Anthony Fehrenbacher / Missouri Citation 16-992 Morgan County Sheriff's Office recorded a citation against Anthony William Fehrenbacher, Jackie Weber Fehrenbacher & Elizabeth Fehrenbacher. The citation prohibits them from entering the property owned by Dale Fehrenbacher. It is also noted Anthony Fehrenbacher is noted as the primary suspect in the recent burglary and vandalism of the property in Morgan County. Items Reported Missing: 1937 Model A John Deere Tractor (restored) 1960 Ford Tractor and mower Johnson Gun...

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March 4, 2016, JUNTUNEN69


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Harasses people online - Haskel420, John william Mcmanus

July 21, 2015, haskel420

This man, John william mcmanus, is a 5 time sex offender and for years has harassed people online threatening them and making them afraid when he was the one hiding dirty disgusting secrets. He needs to be arrested again for harassment and put in jail again, for longer. He is sick in the head and people have had enough of him.

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Non Payment & Cheating -

November 26, 2014, Chandrashekar

I joined but after I reached $ 25000 five times, I was never paid and everytime I requested I was told by email if you want to get your payment soon you must upgrade your account! then you will get your payment in 7 days. It's the best way to get your payment soon. When I paid & became a Gold member & then asked for my money, I was asked to pay a 1 time transfer fee of $ 200 to get your paypermails payment in 24 hours. WHEN I PAID $ 200 AS ONE TIME TRANSFER FEE, I GET A MAIL FROM MAIL...

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Axis Human Capital Limited Consumer Review - Axis Human Capital Limited

October 23, 2014, bordleaueuge

Are you exhausted of your present job? Are you between careers and need to find employment fast? Axis Human Capital Limited, is a group of companies that is particular in socially-conscious human development firm based in Ghana which is a free internet-based tool, can help you find employment opportunities across the country. I used this site in 2009 to find a job after just moving to Jakarta Indonesia to find a better employment chance. Axis Human Capital Limited lets you search for employment breaks in definite areas (cities, zip code...

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July 23, 2014, LisaDanner

I worked for her an never got paid. found out Venus Hurst also owns, www.DollFaceBrand , She is an africian american woman and is notorious for money cons and shady business dealings. EVERYONE!!! BEWARE. Donot do Business with this woman you will be SCAMMED. this con artist lives an does business in Detroit Michigan

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Do not waste your time with Westhill Consulting and Employment - Westhill Consulting & Employment

October 26, 2013, stefanieebersbacher

I am very much thankful for Westhill Consulting and Employment for providing me such a neat job pretty much instantly after I was kept in employment for well over a year. On the other hand, these days all that they appear to do is send me an email every week that lists all their vacancies. And the thing is I don't appear to fill any of these jobs, it doesn’t fit me so why the heck do they send me these vacancies. But then again I tried to email some of these positions and they just don't get back. Then I have emailed about Next...

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