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Extortionist Aaron Greenspan - Aaron Greenspan 956 Carolina Street San Francisco, CA 94107 Phone: +1 415 670 9350 Fax: +1 415 373 3959 E-Mail: greenspan@post.harvard

March 2, 2019, hozuvofu

This is a warning to everyone above crazy psycho stalker Aaron Greenspan who Is has gay love for Tesla Elon Musk. Aaron Greenspan is con artist, thief, extortionist and sociopath!!! Do not trust a word Aaron Greenspan and neil s greenspan says!! Business owners beware.!! Do not hire or invest money with this felon. He will seem unassuming and charming and all the while – stealing money!!! He will ruin a company and its reputation. His goal is to shame you on into giving him...

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Horrible Installation Experience - Charlie Autry’s Wholesale Carpet & Flooring

November 8, 2017, JimOhio

My carpet/vinyl installation kept getting put off with no communication to me. This is an empty house that I am renovating. The complete interior of the house was freshly painted a few days before they got here. During the installation, they scratched and scuffed-up numerous walls, baseboards, and doors that I am going to need to re-paint. They also smoked in the house when they were here and the place reeks of smoke now. Cigarette butts and ashes were left in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. They are also on the patio, driveway, and...

Filled under: Flooring Installation, Location: United States