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Rip Off Employer and Partner - Applied Media Technologies Corporation

November 11, 2017, Selkie

This is a nasty bullying company that is all over the net for having done to people what they did to me so please stay the hell away. I responded to a Craings List ad for a UK sales person selling into the US at $15.00 per hour. At first all seemed OK. They wanted to have me sell to major accounts in the fast food industry and the first week they paid me, the second week they reduced the $15.00 hourly pay to $8.00 without any conversation and the third week, you’ve guessed it, they didn’t pay me anything. They are all over...

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fraud - 123bingoonline

May 29, 2015, Amanda

As a “FORMER” customer of the site for a few years..I Can honestly give my personal opinion of the site… Yeah it has nice promotional offers, crazy deposit. bonuses which is awesome, vip incentives for those active depositors etc…BUT AT WHAT COST? sure you make that $27 min deposit …claim that 500% deposit bonus for example but there’s a catch..The site has always been known for being CHEAP but to penalize players for claiming that 300% bbs earned from playing cgs along with That bonus u got when u...

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Services not rendered, refuses to refund money issued - SimplyME TV Distribution

December 9, 2014, Michael

Krystol Cameron, also know as Kyrs, and his company SimplyME TV Distribution scammed our company out of $500.00 for promising television broadcast distribution services to Dish Network (Video on Demand). We have seen reports of others getting scammed for similar amounts ranging from $400 to $500. They also promise distribution acquisitions over other broadcast network platforms such as Verizon Fios, Comcast, NBC, Time Warner, Roku, Direct TV, etc. and have been known of asking for $3,500 a month and up. Krystol Cameron...

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Susan Nunez - Susan Nunes Ny Midget Sideshow Strippers

July 20, 2013, left4deadmeat

Susan Nunez has quite the reputation throughout NY for one of the freakiest sideshow events you could ever imagine. Susan's group is quite the act of deviant little suckers...with Susan's claim to fame was her ability to swallow ANYTHING. We ordered two strippers from Susan Nunes after getting rave reviews from a few friends here in NYC. We sprang for a "2 Feuer 1" special, as they called it, and I have to say, I was quite displeased. Apparently Susan Feuer has more than a sideshow for sale, and her midget 2 for 1 was only half as long as the duck she swallowed. Thanks Susan.

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Not paying artists/entertainers for New Beginnings Concert 12/21/12 - Mindpix Corporation

June 4, 2013, Mickey

This public traded company, Mindpix Corporation put on a concert on 12/21/12 called the "New Beginnings Concert" as a celebration that we survived the so-called Mayan Apocalypse. There's many entertainers that still haven't gotten paid from this show. I myself submitted an invoice to then-President and CEO Armando Almirall for a $1000 for my DJ service for the concert on 12/25/12. Finally got an answer from his secretary, Reina Zeigler on 2/19/13 that payment would be sent out in a week. It's now June and not a word from this company since then.

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Unscrupulous Employees - Cher Ae Heights Casino

April 29, 2013, pepe

Cher Ae Heights casino in Trinidad, California is known as the casino by the sea, it is also a stomping ground for local 'local mafia' of Humboldt county, that has a good grip on Humboldt's billion-dollars pot growing,distribution,and money-laundering business. Native tribe is near powerless, and none could afford to live by the sea, their ancestral home turf. A number of unscrupulous employees at the casino get rich helping through this transaction of dirty money-laundering scheme.They are so tight-knitted locals that the Fed has little or no success so far trying to break up the ring.

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March 12, 2013, Lorenzo

HE STRIPREPORT.COM IS A SCAM!!! In November of 2012 one of the owners of said to another agency owner that he was having a terrible time and could barley make ends meet. He stated that if things kept going in the direction they were going in that he and his wife who would have to move in with her parents in another State. He complained about there being to much competition and to many agencie...

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