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"Chessy" Francesca Prout = St Paul School RapeHoax LIAR - Francesca Prout ("Chessy" Prout)

October 24, 2015, proutwarning

Want to know more? Google "Chessy Prout liar" Francesca Prout (aka Chessie Prout aka Chessy Prout) was an attention whore at St. Paul's School who tried to slime an innocent bro with a fake-rape charge in 2014-2015. The case started out typically, with Francesca Prout calling the Waaaambulance to report her fake rape in mid-2014. True to form, the media limpdicks and feminists went apeshit, splashing the innocent bro's name and mugshot photo across the media. Lying bitch Chessy Prout, on the other hand, was allowed...

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June 23, 2013, sshukla

MAIDEN VOYAGE CONSULTANTS (headed by Saurav Mukherjee and his wife Paromita Mukherjee) has cheated a huge number of merchant navy aspirants from different parts of INDIA. They duped huge sums of money from many aspiring candidates promising them to provide merchant navy training and to provide them placements in shipping companies. The courses that they offered (i.e A 3 months Pre Sea training for Cadets from India or Bangkok) are basically useless as they are not approved by IMO (international Maritime Organization) and neither these course...

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False Advertising: This is not a christian school! - Pepperdine University

May 24, 2013, Jeb Hawkins

If you don’t mind a lot of FALSE ADVERTISING Pepperdine University is the place for you! They say they’re a church school but nothing could be farther from the truth! Be prepared to sign LOAN PAPERS for thousands of dollars of debt that will take you years to pay off! Pepperdine University is really an evil corporation with a long history of murder, embezzlement, suspicious fires, evacuations, law breaking, greed, drunk driving, corporate crime, thugery, back room deals, and misogyny. There is also a history of Pepperdine...

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