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Nationwide disgrace: Darren Ambler and Mindy Murray - Darren Ambler and Mindy Murray

April 21, 2019, Anon1881

Darren Ambler has been compared to Mindy Murray and vice versa. It seems these two disgusting, cowardly whack jobs have much in commonlike the lack or morality and character on top of Severe Sexual Addictions/Compulsion, Anger issues, Mental illness-Selfishness- lack of Self-esteem-Poor Manners- lack of Social skills- Abusive- pathological lying, and refusal to take accountability for their wrongful and inappropriate actions. Rumors have circulated that Darren Ambler may have possibly been involved with MMindy Murray previously. It i...

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Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, Relationships - Irina Borisenko Sergei Borisenko

July 18, 2013, Andrea

Pavel Borisenko tells many lies. I knew Pavel made sex with many women while in love with me. I read the Internet reports and also knew of Pavel's past history. Pavel told stories of his mother with men for sex and money in Belarus and the US. Pavel's mother Irina was having sex with many men while married to his father Sergei, Pavel's hero, but an addicted alcoholic. Irina Borisenko moved to the US and began having sex with hundreds of men for money while still married to Pavel's father Sergei and living with her 70 year old...

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Abusive parent, Sex Business, Sex Facial Business - IRINA BORISENKO

July 16, 2013, Vladamir

Irina Borisenko came to American to find an old man to raise her young son. Irina Borisenko took weeks of riding the bus, subway, and walking the streets and Central Park until she found a man with enough money to give her a free room for her and son. Irina Borisenko didn't care if men were old and ugly. Irina Borisenko gave this man sex in return for raising her son and a free apartment to live. Irina Borisenko didn't care if she had to use her body to get men and loved them spend money on her for clothes, jewelry, lingerie...

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June 27, 2013, ari

Sarah Megan Flauta (DoB 08/29/1986) and George Henry Flauta, III (DoB 08/05/1982) lied and stole money through identity theft and student loan fraud. Since this is indeed a serious crime, we are warning others about the fraud. It is best not to trust Sarah Flauta (aka Sarah Grodsky) and George Flauta. They are also using children to lie and steal thousands of dollars. Children are named Sabriel Elizabeth Flauta (DoB 01/26/2006) and Kimiko Raelynn Flauta (DoB 01/20/2009). Alicia Flauta? Sarah...

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April 2, 2013, Bubba1

George Enrique Prado - deadbeat Renter owes over 28,000 back rent ! Trying to steal my property ! WARNING this guy is EVIL !!

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