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Phone scammers fake phones - HTowngadgets

May 20, 2017, NB

Do not  buy from this company at all. They ripped me off out of 280 dollars. Bought a phone from them and the description said the battery was in good condition.  That was a lie because even when the phone is at 100% it dies. They sold me a phone with a bad battery and they knew it. Check their reviews. They've done it to  too. Not a trusted seller. They are scammers. Can't even get my money back they do not work with you at all.

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Virgin mobile2go Data Usage Fraud - Virgin Mobile2go

May 30, 2013, jack_ruben

I recently bought one Gigabyte data from Virgin Mobile for $20. On the first hour of usage doing simple internet browsing _ no video streaming, my data usage went from 0 to 250 megabytes and that was odd to me. A couple of days later I logged on doing non data intensive browsing the pages of a University, my connection suddenly got disconnected and when I logged back in; my data usage suddenly went from 528 Megabytes to over 900 Megabytes and my data usage history which used to be functional when I used their service a while ago i...

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Focalprice RIPOFF ! -

May 29, 2013, Calidan

Bought a tablet from and it took many weeks longer to receive it than they promised. The tablet failed right away and now I have been waiting MONTHS for them to honor the 1 year warranty on this lousy piece of junk. Focalprice continues to ignore my warranty requests which means they simply are an EXTREMELY DISREPUTABLE COMPANY. Only a fool would buy anything from Focalprice. RUN from Focalprice, they CANNOT BE TRUSTED ! ! !

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Bait & Switch, No Service - Net10wireless

April 20, 2013, Cheez

Advertising unlimited service, then no unlimited service without prior notice. Diagnose problems with promise of better service with shipment and installation of new net10 other service provided sim card, only to repeat bad service all over again and continue to try to get you to still spend money to rectify issues that they never rectified at all. Leaving you with no service.

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DO NOT BUY ANYTHING BEWARE - p c richard & son

January 20, 2013, Ray

I purchased a 55 inch lcd television 2 months later it broke.They tell me they need to order a part and tell me the part is on backorder and I have to wait 2 months??!!! That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard and I will never purchase anything from them again.. I am warning any consumer they are horrible! And they are not very customer friendly at all they lack any type of empathy". And transfer me back and forth due to the fact they want to blame the store or the ins:. company!.DO NOT BUY ANYTHING BEWARE!

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Number disconnected from past week. - Reliance CDMA

January 16, 2013, Swapnil

I am using a reliance CDMA number from past 7-8 years. it is disconnected from past 1 week. i am not getting responce from customer care how to activate it. prompt action will be appriciated. Regars, Swapnil.

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