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Fujitsu employee Steve Husselbee supports racist group Britain First. - Fujitsu

July 17, 2018, AgainstBigotryAndHate

Steve Husselbee who is employed as a project manager at Fujitsu is a bigot who supports racist group Britain First. Husselbee picture underneath is also the father of racist Becca Husselbee who is employed at Caters News Agency and is racist to Muslims.

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September 25, 2014, Jo

This company claims they get big orders from famous corporations for digital gadgets and devices such as laptops etc. They ask for you to take part by caughing up thousands and that you will profit in a week. In the end you will never see or hear from them again. The owners name is Saeed Khan. Secretary name is Arlene Mayorca Ratto Khan. They have extended family memebers that take part in the scam as well. WATCH OUT! Do not loan them money and especially on paper. If the loan is done by contract you can only file a civil suit and Saeed...

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Counterfeitr Copier Drum - IMAGE WAREHOUSE; aka CELLINKNTONER

September 16, 2014, dick342

Company sold Brother Copier Drum as "New Brother Drum" (OEM) but repackaged. When my former drum ran out of useful life, I installed this drum. Within three or four weeks the drum began smudging copies. I cleaned the drum several times, which sometimes helped for a few copies, but always then smudged again. I tried to call the company six to eight times only to receive a message mashine which said the call was important, leave a message and they would call back. No call back to me was made. A company rep could not be reached. ...

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