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Dr neil a greenspam Aaron Greenspan plainsiteorg facecash thinkcomputer 956 CAROLINA ST SAN FRANCISCO CA 94107 - Case western reserve university

November 17, 2018, Shawn ker

Professor Neil S Greenspan and his autistic crazy son Aaron Jacob Greenspan run, its a extortion machine!!!!!!! Aaron Greenspan, Dr. Neil S Greenspan (case western reserve university) and Judith Keene Greenspan will not remove any names until you pay $4500.There is no reasoning with these stuck up jerks. They make sure that your name is among the top 5 when googled. People checking on you or your company will see this and automatically be prejudiced against you. This is an unfair busine...

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False Advertising: This is not a christian school! - Pepperdine University

May 24, 2013, Jeb Hawkins

If you don’t mind a lot of FALSE ADVERTISING Pepperdine University is the place for you! They say they’re a church school but nothing could be farther from the truth! Be prepared to sign LOAN PAPERS for thousands of dollars of debt that will take you years to pay off! Pepperdine University is really an evil corporation with a long history of murder, embezzlement, suspicious fires, evacuations, law breaking, greed, drunk driving, corporate crime, thugery, back room deals, and misogyny. There is also a history of Pepperdine...

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