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There is no any jam tangan couple there - Jam Tangan Couple

July 21, 2016, Mark

I was searching a special gift for my girl. Then I found it, <a href=''>Jam Tangan Couple</a> but when I see that page they have nothing to display. It is so weired. They said that have any product jam tangan couple.

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Clothing Order - Stag Apparel Limited UK

July 9, 2016,

AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS. I had a 6 month consultation for this company to manufacture my garments, I just recently started up a new clothing brand which I was very excited about. I came across these guys on the Internet and they sounded very professional and exactly what I wanted for my business. THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM I was very sceptical to pay full price over Western Union as they did not accept payment via pay pal or bank transfer. Weird. Anyway, soon as I paid £25000 for a sample and bulk it's like they didn't...

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opal clothing at aliexpress is a big cheat - opal clothing company jack wu aliexpress

April 29, 2016, vishal

Hi ALL OF YOU ! I find none like big cheaters like Ali express joining hand with suppliers.I ordered a shirt order online from aliexpress. Company name OPAL CLOTHING company id-73899898271139.I received no communication from the seller over the next few WEEKS even though I messaged on several occasions to enquire if the order had been shipped. Finally the good arrived things I received were very cheap looking and poorly made and most important very very small in size. Their clothes are ill fitting, very poorly made, the...

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Scammed into "VIP Club" charged $14.97 monthly - Norm Thompson

April 24, 2015, complaints100

In December I bought something on Norm Thompson website and was offered 10% off on purchases if I joined the "VIP Club" I then started receiving monthly charges of $14.97 per month - I didn't call them until April, 4 moths and $74.79 later! Buyer beware - and look at your bill every charge! Of course it is legal because unfortunately people are trusting this isn't some Russian scammer but a well known Oregon company that has been in [monkey] business since 1949 from Hillsboro - sold out in 2006. I am from Portland and am disgusted with this nonsense. If you are scammed legally, no refunds allowed!

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Cancelled my order 58bridesmaid? total refund? - wedding dress

July 17, 2014, Edith2290

would i get a refund because i cancelled it just now and it ordered it 2 hours ago. It's not 24 hours and apparently a total refund can be given if the dress is cancelled with in 24 hours. I don't know why I feel quite scared because I don't want to get conned due to this website.would i get full refund from

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Non-delivery of product - The Swanx

February 27, 2013, ansears

I placed an order on 11/30/2012 for a pair for hand-painted shoes (work-nursing shoes). In the info, it said it could take up to 8 weeks to receive product. At the end of Jan 2013, I still had not received my order or heard from the company. Upon checking my order online, it said it was still in process. I finally emailed the comapny on 1/31/12 to inquire. On 2/1/13, I received an email back saying my "order should be going out in the next 2 weeks or sooner". They apoligized for the delay an said "the amount...

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