fraud - 123bingoonline

May 29, 2015, Amanda

As a “FORMER” customer of the site for a few years..I Can honestly give my personal opinion of the site… Yeah it has nice promotional offers, crazy deposit. bonuses which is awesome, vip incentives for those active depositors etc…BUT AT WHAT COST? sure you make that $27 min deposit …claim that 500% deposit bonus for example but there’s a catch..The site has always been known for being CHEAP but to penalize players for claiming that 300% bbs earned from playing cgs along with That bonus u got when u...

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Unscrupulous Employees - Cher Ae Heights Casino

April 29, 2013, pepe

Cher Ae Heights casino in Trinidad, California is known as the casino by the sea, it is also a stomping ground for local 'local mafia' of Humboldt county, that has a good grip on Humboldt's billion-dollars pot growing,distribution,and money-laundering business. Native tribe is near powerless, and none could afford to live by the sea, their ancestral home turf. A number of unscrupulous employees at the casino get rich helping through this transaction of dirty money-laundering scheme.They are so tight-knitted locals that the Fed has little or no success so far trying to break up the ring.

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