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Beware and stay away from Autosport Group: (Con Man there) - Auto Sport Group Delray Florida

August 30, 2017, GrangerBadMan

Granger Whitelaw, a conman from New York City is living amidst us here in Delray, running an unlicensed investment front out of his shell company AutoSport Group, who he has as the front man, we will probably never know, but is a shell for Granger's Cars, Yachts's, and Planes. Beware of this guy and don't ever buy a car there. Dealing cars is good for him, because he can find new investors, be warned See Granger's Track Record...

Filled under: Cars, Parts & Vehicles, Location: United States - Piese auto noi originale si aftermarket - AUTO ESENTIAL

January 27, 2016, AutoEsential este conceput din pasiune pentru automobile si din dorinta de a oferi servicii de calitate. Stim ca in acest domeniu siguranta este pe primul loc, tocmai de aceea, la noi va bucurati de o identificare corecta a pieselor auto, calitate, profesionalism, corectitudine si seriozitate. Comercializam o gama variata de piese auto noi, originale si aftermarket la cele mai bune preturi. Va oferim servicii de calitate printre care: Consultanta profesionala oferita de personalul; Livrare gratuita prin curier...

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Great business - Financing Wwel

October 19, 2015, PAT M

I just bought and financed a truck through Financing Wwel. They couldn't have been nicer or easier to work with. We have bad credit and I didn't think we would even qualify through them, I already knew that the banks wouldn't finance us. I understood all I signed like if I didn't pay they would take back their truck...duh?? I saw other comments on here about them but I knew someone who worked with them and spoke highly of them and so I didn't listen to this one mans rant on here. Good thing, now we have a great truck and we...

Filled under: Car Dealers, Location: United States rips people off - DO NOT BUY FROM THEM - Motobuys

May 15, 2015, Dustin

I purchased a $3,000 UTV from Motobuys in March 2015 and have had nothing but problems with it. The unit has been serviced twice already (which comes at time and more expense) and still has problems (it's April now). The shop I brought it to said it was defective and should be returned, still Motobuys does not return it and make things right. Motobuys keeps insisting on a conference call with the manufaturer rep; although I've spoken to that guy twice already and he's of no help whatsoever. I've directly asked four times for my money back and they keep brushing me off.

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piese auto bucuresti - Fabi Automotive SRL

March 6, 2015, dan

FabiAutoMotive iti pune la dispozitie o gama larga de piese auto si nu numai. Cu FabiAutoMotive .ro ai magazinul de piese auto, peste tot unde te duci. Iti oferim posibilitatea sa comanzi si sa primesti in timp util orice piesa pentru masina ta. Deoarece inca de la infiintare, ne-am ocupat cu comercializarea pieselor auto, am avut posibilitatea sa capatam experienta necesara pentru a putea consulta clientii nostri, la nevoie, inaintea achizitionarii unui produs.

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refuse to deliver parts offered in adds after the sale - Fidelity Ventures,Dallas Texas

August 6, 2014, stone113

Joey the salesmen stopped responding to our calls when we wanted the remote for the vehicle ,cant lock the car as there is a short in the drivers door that wont allow it to lock using the key.. the manager Joe keeps saying joey is not in...passing the they will not take our calls at all...they also took out the owners manual and maintenance schedule books..they will say they were not in the car..thats odd that all the other paper work from the ownership of the car were in the vehicle..but online they sell from 75-150 dollars..the...

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NC DMV Investigation - Classic Chassis

October 10, 2013, Eric_Kavit

The North Carolina DMV is investigating Brian Clark and his activities operating the Classic Chassis company. If you have had any dealings with this individual or company please contact the lead investigator. Inspector R.M.Ashley State Law Enforcement Agent North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles License & Theft Bureau 3783 US 301 South Four Oaks, NC Office #919-934-3188 Fax #919-934-7197 E-Mail:

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This dealership is dishonest and what they do should be illegal - Florida Cars USA

April 18, 2013, mia77

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FLORIDA CARS USA! If you dont have the resources to obtain an attorney and sue, then DO NOT do business here. My experience was absolutely horrendous because of the unprofessionalism and the deceitful staff. I wanted to purchase a used Jeep, so my boyfriend who was paying a $3,000 downpayment for the car went with me. I wanted to obtain the financing through the dealer, as well. We were at the dealership for a total of 4 hours and was told I was approved for financing from Chase Bank. I signed all paperwork and...

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MORE Auto - Stewart Winston Con Artist - MORE Auto

March 21, 2013, Jessica

My friend bought a car from him for $5,000. He couldn't sell it until it was inspected. After it passed inspection she was told she couldn't pick up the car till the following day. The car seemed great at first look.. Took only a few days to notice the air in one of the tires kept going down and going flat. After taking it to be looked at, it was discovered that two of the tires were dry rotted. One had to be replaced immediately, one soon after, and the other two are on their way. Even the spare was dry rotted. A couple week...

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Absolute worst - Ship your car now llc

March 12, 2013, John

ITook a deposit to move my car the. Raised the price the. Never showed was told they needed a few more days and would not refund the money unless car was stolen or owner dead. Moved out of state and could not wait. Continued to raise prices and threaten customer. Already reported them to the bank for potential fraud. Charged for services not rendedred and will not refund money. $$$update$$$. Received two phone calls from Dwayne who has asked me to take this down. If I do I will get a refund in two days. If Dwayne...

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February 26, 2013, davidoffdudu is my favorite company to deal with. You always know you get a good deal on top quality parts, backed by their warranty and friendly customer service. Although pricing is good, the parts are of good quality, same as dealerships and the website is easy to you. You know someone is doing it right when you never have to contact their support when making a purchase.

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Unauthorized Credit Inquiries - Route 44 Toyota

February 13, 2013, Middleboro Review

If you've done business in any way with Route 44 Toyota, please check your credit report. Route 44 Toyota accessed my credit information twice and I NEVER applied for credit. I fully paid for a NEW vechicle that turned out to be a LEMON on one of the days they requested my credit information via CREDCO [This reduces your FICO score, folks!]. In addition, when Route 44 Toyota finally discovered my new Toyota was parked on their lot with no plates because it had NO BRAKES, no only did they run my credit report, but they also ran...

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Scammers - Traffic Talk

January 25, 2013, suarezjl7809

Unbelievable!!!...I had ordered a set of license plates and received confirmation email stating I will receive plates in 3 days. One week passed and I called and left messaged on # they provided. 2 weeks passed and I emailed them and still didn’t receive reply. I had noticed they didn’t charge my credit card so therefor did care. One and a half month later I was charged for the plates I never received. I tried calling several different times and emailed once again and never heard anything from them. I currently have a dispute for the unauthorized charge from these scammers.

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