Deceptive Practices - Barnes & Noble

December 17, 2014, robbie 87

On 12/1 -- Cyber Monday -- I placed an order with B&N online because they were offering a 25% discount on the highest priced item, which was valid for only 24 hrs. But B&N ran the credit card on 12/3 and the discount was not applied. Online the order indicated the discount was applied but it wasn't. In the latest credit card bill every item in the order was charged the full amount. It wasn't the savings that were the most important; it was the principal. I don't know about you but I'm sick of getting...

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They were very helpful - Whyle Direct LLC

August 17, 2014, nillow

I came in contact with them in early 2009 and I had alot of trouble placing product. They helped not only place product but find a way to increase sale.

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refunds - chad hatten houston

July 22, 2014, chad hatten houston

chad hatten Houston will not give refunds

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Clarissa Burton Chicago Con Woman Childrens book author - Clarissa Burton Queen Of The Pen Global Woman of Color BWE John Mcadams

June 23, 2014, gotcha84

A lawsuit is being filed agains Clarissa Burton, she continues to lie, stalk, defame and harass a Hollywood PR firm and continues to try and do battle with the owner. She is a lying scorned old lady, that is really jealous of the owner of the company. She continues to lie and attack, seems like she is off of her meds again. She is very bi-polar, demonic, deranged, scorned, hateful, old, and a narcissist. Who cares about spelling, when they are doing wonderful things and making money. Clarissa hates this girl because she prettier, smarter, and...

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Rude and made threats -

May 11, 2014, scamstopper

I signed up for and when I logged into my account to add books I found my account closed. I emailed them to find out why and they responded by linking me to an account they claimed was mine. The account in question wasnt mine, had been closed in 2012, and was in bad standing. Their whole argument for the account being mine was that I was in the same town as the address listed on the old account - they even said my name was the same which it wasnt as there was a name listed on the closed account they linked me to. So I responded...

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