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Not recommended to work with - DIGIPRINT SUPPLIES

November 17, 2018, Alex.16

DO NOT RECOMMEND! In order. 1. The order on the site is generated and paid for 09/27/2018. 2. Before paying, we contacted the support service to clarify the terms (the site says "If you purchase before 18:00, the order will be sent the same day."). Support service called the delivery time for our order - two weeks. The order was paid on 09/27/2018. 3. After two weeks, we’ll update the delivery tracker number - delivery is scheduled for the end of October, - the support service replied, -...

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Megan Christine Bentzley, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Darren Ambler's Stalker

October 30, 2018, DarrenAmbler

Notice how every single cheater site has 1000 articles on a man named Darren Ambler and is always posted by the same crazy woman, usually pretending to be multiple people having a “meetup”? She’d almost be successful at that if all of her fake accounts didn’t have the exact same crazed typing style. She’s a bitter ex of Darren Ambler and seems to be in a state of psychosis or untreated schizophrenia. Lexx...

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ripoff -

February 26, 2018, performer2018

hi guys, be very careful with a ghost website DON'T REGISTER OR RIPOFF with lots of Loop videos performers as ''Live'' HALF OF THOSE ARE LOOPING even Miss Ifriends 2018 does Looping they ripoff members they say it's free membership and after they tax huge amounts of $$$$ from your credit cards without letting you know it, be very careful, for 1 second in Live chat they tax it for 3 minutes and huge amounts after DO NOT REGISTER TO IFRIENDS BE VERY CAREFUL WARNING !!! THEY DO...

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unethical business practices - Building More Wealth

May 23, 2016, ThaRZA

My complaint involves the unethical practices of Mr. Darren Calhoun with Building More Wealth ( On Sunday January 31st at approximately 11:30 am at Starbucks located at 3388 Poplar avenue I was presented an opportunity to invest in the newly launched membership club called BMW. I was told that benefits for becoming a member included: Roadside Assistance, Life Lock-Identity theft service, Legal Shield, and CPA services. I was also shown charts demonstrating how income was produced by purchasing membership cards at $10 each...

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Terrible service; charge more than others; dishonest. - Your Fence Store.Com

March 25, 2015, BEWARE!

DON"T BUY from this company. They are horrible to deal with and their customer service sucks! They charge right away, but treat customer like crap if there is a problem. They advertise lowest price, NOT TRUE. STAY AWAY!!

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January 6, 2015, stopcrooks

This is a U.S. District Attorney, SEC, FINRA, INTERPOL and FBI matter. This is a federal crime have been committed. Its a shame for a public company to get advise of this crook lawyer, is breaking all secutiries law. Radom is advising his client who committed crimes. Mark Radom He is a criminal lawyer of Borealis, Powerchips and Coolchips, he break all the rules, Rodney Cox father and son ISAIAH Cox are crooks, they did not pay taxes and did not fullfill the securities law, the have diluted the company stock and they have not...

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SCAM - BAD SERVICE - LimeTree Technologies Ltd

March 13, 2013, Davidpower

I paid approx 6000 GBP in total to a webdesign firm in London called LimeTree Technologies Ltd ( for creating a custom application using software such as FLEX, JAVA, HTML4 and PHP. People from London are generally nice and fair when it comes to understanding. However there are some that are just greedy and selfish minded like the CEO of this company who is called MALCOLM GRAHAM. I thought I could save some money in the longrun take up his exciting offer. He approached me via a online bidding...

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Lawyer-Scammer-Real Estate Fraud Workout Specialist - William Utnehmer

March 1, 2013, billyboyutnehmer

Bill Utnehmer AKA William Utnehmer Sonoma CA Recently my partner received an email from this guy, and considering his reputation I hardly wonder where he finds the nerve to pretend to be so "offended" that he attempted to solidify his position by reminding (the few people that even acknowledge him) of how great he is. Bill Utnehmer....put down the Kool-Aid, because no ones drinking that crap. You have scammed multiple people that even I am aware of, and as I understand it, your own family even has blown you off. Your like 7 UP...Never Had it...Never Will

Filled under: Bad Business Partners, Location: United States is a fucking scam - rcsbroker

January 12, 2013, russianchem is scam and cocksucker ! rcsbroker return the money froud and scam, cocksucker ! mkcemtrading he is now Frank pb-22. tag is also a RCBROKER RCSBROKER SHANGHAI CO., LIMITED [8:13:44 p.m.] Frank - 5F-PB22, PB-22, BB-22, MN-24, New legal products in Russia.: They Often Buy from me [20 : 13:49] Frank - 5F-PB22, PB-22, BB-22, MN-24, New legal products in Russia.: you CAN Contract Them [8:13:55 p.m.] Frank - 5F-PB22, PB -22, BB-22, MN-24, New legal products in Russia.: They Retail to Russia [8:14:12 p.m.]...

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